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Chiro-Veda Institute


Stress today is one of the major causes of sickness and imbalance. Many people are looking for a balanced life and don’t know where to turn. There IS a place! Whether it is physical pain, emotional pain, stress, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, depression or a feeling of being unfullfilled and disconnected, the Chiro-Veda Institute For Wellbeing can help. By first discovering the true source of dis-ease, then providing conscious awareness to the cause and proper physical treatment combined with stress relieving techniques and education the patient will not only understand themselves better, they will function in all areas of life at a higher level. patient consultation special.

You Are In Good Hands

Chiro-Veda is a method of health care that combines healing touch, “Chiro” (done by hand) and conscious living “Veda” (knowledge). By integrating health care for the body and the mind our patients experience balance in all areas of life: Physical, Emotional, Career, Social and Spiritual.


Dr. Gonzalez has over a decade of experience treating children, parents and people of all ages with effective and gentle Chiropractic care. Utilizing the vast knowledge of Eastern and Western Science he now treats the “whole” person to achieve life transforming results.


We are conveniently located in beautiful Solana Beach with easy access from all of San Diego County. The supporting staff provides for a comfortable stress free environment where the community can reach their highest potential and wellbeing through natural health care. For more information call (858) 876-6300 today!

Client Testimonial

I have been through a few different Chiropractors over the years and it has been very hard to find a great chiropractic office. I was introtuced to Dr.G not to long ago and I am so stoked to be a patient of Dr.G. He really takes the time to do the job right. It is a relief to find such a great Dr. Thanks.

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